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Here are recipes for all of those wonderful special shapes of pasta: the coils or springs, the buttons, the shells, the wheels, the gnocchetti, and so on.

farfalle . . .

with mushrooms

farfalle carbonara

with sausage, mushrooms and peas

with ham and peas

with gorgonzola and arugula

with sausage, tomatoes and cream

with a creamy mushroom and gorgonzola sauce


fusilli . . .

with herbs and mushrooms

with sage and garlic

with artichokes, pepper, and mushrooms

primavera (with eggplant)

with asparagus and pancetta

with zucchini and pine nuts

with corn, zucchini, bacon and basil

with creamed leek and spinach


orecchiette . . .

di rapa (broccoli rabe)

with broccoli

with cauliflower, onions, pancetta and pecorino

with cauliflower and tomato

with sausage

with pancetta, peas and herbs

with veal, capers and white wine



other shapes . . .

rotelli (ruote di carro) with sausage and tomato

campanelle (gigli) with onion, goat cheese and bacon

corzetti alla Genovese  - with pine nuts and marjoram

radiatori with sausage and herbs

fregula with asparagus and lemon


ditalini . . .

ditalini with vegetables (primavera)


 with green beans and pancetta 


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