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No cuisine takes advantage of the delights and wonders of soups and stews well as Italian. With such a wide variety of ingredients and techniques, the plethora of soups, especially, perfect for all seasons, is unmatched.

We have here our homage to what we have found to be the most satisfying and successul recipes for soups and stews that we have found -- recipes we use incredibly often. Enjoy!

>>Above, the ingredients for the best minestrone ever. Click on the right and get started.

classic minestrone - the best recipe we have found that brings the wonders of this version of a vegetable soup to perfection. Rich, creamy, and a wonderland of taste treats.

butternut squash soup -- using this classic fall and winter vegetable to perfection, a rich, sumptious fall repast. 

veal stew with fennel and tomatoes -- an old-fashioned recipe with incredible flavors.

chick pea, pancetta and porcini soup. a rich, mouth-filling soupn adapted from marcella hazan

risi e bisi -- a classic, and our favorite recipe for a soup of rice and peas (fresh or frozen)

pasta fagioli -- the classic, with beans and sausage (and pasta)


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