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This is it! As fine a collection of recipes that can be cooked and served in a very small amount of time.

The culture of has always been to keep everything as simple as possible without losing any of the wonderful tastes and delights of Italian cooking.

So here you go: first, always, get that pot of water (four-five quarts) on the stove and heading for a major boil. Heat the serving dishes. Then prepare the sauce as per the recipe. Salt the boiling  water and drop in the pasta. Stir. Cook to al dente, reserve some of the water, drain, add to the pasta, stir (using some of the reserved pasta water if needed), cover and turn up the heat to high for one minute. Steaming! Then serve on the heated plates. Presto: quindici minuti!



bucatini and gorgonzola and ricotta

spaghettini or cappelini with lemon and garlic

linguine with onion, bacon and parmesan

linguine with four cheeses


rigatoni with Swiss chard and ricotta

rigatoni with basil


farfalle  with mushrooms farfalle with sausage, mushrooms and peas

farfalle with ham and peas

farfalle with gorgonzola and arugula

farfalle with a creamy mushroom and gorgonzola sauce

fusille with herbs and mushrooms

fusilli with sage and garlic

fusilli with asparagus and pancetta

fusilli with creamed leek and spinach


garganelli with zucchini

 linguine with four cheeses

capellini (angel hair) with lemon


Tortellini and ravioli . . .

this is cheating a bit, but still useful -- if you have previously made (or purchased) tortellini or ravioli on hand these are no brainers, and if the tortellini are wonderful to start, the results will be terrific . . .

tortellini all panna

tortellini in brodo

tortellini presto

ravioli in sage and white wine
 (a sauce for many ravioli)

a walnut and rosemary sauce



spaghetti . . .

aglio e olio

with garlic, fresh tomato and basil

with pecorino romano and black pepper (cacio e pepe) (Roman)

alla gricia (Roman)

with a spicy, simple tomato sauce (Roman)

with garlic and lemon

with zucchini

with arugula and romas

with spinach and lemon


spaghettini with tuna

spaghettini with lemon and garlic

penne . . .

with asparagus, peas and mushrooms

with sausage, lentils and red onion

with bacon and peppers, venetian style

garganelli with peas and prosciutto

garganelli with mushrooms and prosciutto


orechiette with pancetta, peas and herbs

campanelle (gigli) with onion, goat cheese and bacon

radiatori with sausage and herbs


fettuccine . . .

alfredo (butter, parmesan and cream) including the original alfredo

with lemon and cream

with zucchini and thyme

with a celery and tomato sauce

with gorgonzola

with fresh corn and asparagus

with smoked salmon


tagliatelle . . .

with peas and prosciutto

with asparagus and herbs

with mushrooms (and peas)

with brown butter, brussels sprouts and chanterelles









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