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additional recipes for flat freshly made egg pasta:

(fettuccine and tagliatelle are basically interchangeable):

fettuccine . . .

alfredo (butter, parmesan and cream) including the original alfredo

with lemon and cream

with gorgonzola

with mushrooms and lemon

with a celery and tomato sauce

with zucchini and thyme

with simple veal ragu

with simple ham sauce

a la Viazzi (sausage and mushrooms)

with lamb ragu

with fresh corn and asparagus

simple, with sea scallops

with sea scallops, lemon and breadcrumbs

with smoked salmon


tagliatelle . . .

al ragu (the Bolognese classic)

with peas and prosciutto

with sugo d'arrosto (sauce from a roast)

with sausage, lemon and nutmeg

with prosciutto crudo

(or trenette) with walnut pesto

with asparagus and herbs

with porcini and sage

with mushrooms (and peas)

with radicchio and arugula

with red peppers, zucchini and tomato

with brown butter, brussels sprouts and chanterelles

verdi with scallops

with mussels and tarragon

with mussels and fresh peas






paglia e fieno . . .

paglia e fieno (straw and hay) the classic

paglia e fieno (2) a variation

paglia e fieno (3) a la Viazzi


linguine and trenette . . .

linguine with four cheeses

trenette with pesto

trenette with pesto, green beans and potato

linguine with mussels and herbs

linguine with clams, pancetta and leeks

linguine with onion, bacon and parmesan

linguine with mushrooms, tomato, pancetta

linguine with lemon, pancetta and leeks

linguine with red pepper sauce


angel hair . . .

capellini (angel hair) with lemon

with tuna


tagliolini . . .

with scallops, Meyer lemon and breadcrumbs

with peas and ham


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