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fifteen minute pastas

Here are additional recipes for some of our favorites, the tubes. Penne, especially rigate (veined) or lisce (smooth), are the best known.

Ziti, maccheroni (with a little elbow), chifferi with a big elbow, and rigatoni are other examples. Garganelli, which can be made from fresh egg pasta, also qualifies.

The shape, with the obvious opening of tubular pastas, allows them to mix very well with, and hold onto, the sauces.



rigatoni . . .

with sausage and parmesan

with sausage and arugula

with white bolognese

with Swiss chard and ricotta

with basil

with sausage, bell peppers and onion (hearty!)


casarecci . . .

with a simple super pork ragu



penne . . .

all'arrabbiata (tomato and pepper - a classic)

and prosciutto and rosemary

alla vodka (hard to explain, but fashionable and wonderful)

with asparagus, peas and mushrooms

with asparagus, ricotta, prosciutto

with brussels sprouts and pancetta

peperonata (bell peppers)

with peppers and bacon, Venetian style

with peas, ham and cream

Ortolano (a primavera sauce with eggplant)

with roasted garlic, pancetta and arugula

with sausage, lentils and red onion

with sausage, red pepper flakes, red wine

with a simple super pork ragu

with cauliflower

with brussels sprouts and gorgonzola

with zucchini and butter

with zucchini, butter and tomato (as an option)

with anchovies, tomatoes and garlic

with smoked salmon and orange

garganelli . . .

(or penne) with sausage

with peas and prosciutto

with mushrooms and prosciutto

with zucchini




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