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Ravioli, those beautiful little squares of stuffed pasta, are as wonderful a taste treat as one can find, and as a result are a major item on restaurant menus and in the home. The stuffings are generally very simple. The sauces are also quite simple, as the stuffed pastas need little embellishment. These little squares are generally referred to as tortelli, the overall classification. They are also called agnolotti, mezzaluna (half-moons), pansoti (generally triangles), and cansonsei. Whatever the name or shape, they are true delights.


start here . . .

how to make ravioli

toasted ravioli


spinach and ricotta

parsley and ricotta

simple meat filling

meat and spinach filling

veal and herb filling

sauces, plus some special fillings . . .

ravioli in sage and white wine
 (a sauce for many ravioli)

a walnut and rosemary sauce

ravioli al Palazzo Murat
(goat cheese and sun-dried

ravioli with Meyer lemons and ricotta

agnolotti with butternut squash filling

mezzaluna (or agnolotti) with a rich meat filling

ravioli with a mushroom and veal filling



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