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fifteen minute pastas

here are a wide variety of recipes for spaghetti and other dried pasta strips or strings.

Note that many sauces work equally well with spaghetti and with penne or penne relatives. Check those recipes out and interchange if you wish.


bucatini . . .


and broccoli

and gorgonzola and ricotta

all arrabiata

all Norma (eggplant)

with fresh peas, mushrooms and prosciutto


capellini . . .

(spaghettini) with lemon and garlic

with scallops


linguine. . .

linguine with onion, bacon and parmesan

linguine with mushrooms, tomato, pancetta

linguine with four cheeses

linguine with clams, pancetta and leeks

trenette with pesto

linguine with red pepper sauce

trenette with pesto, green beans and potato

linguine with mussels and herbs


spaghettini . . .

with tuna

with lemon and garlic

pinci . . .

 pinci (pici) with lamb and sausage ragu

pinci and veal ragu


spaghetti . . .

aglio e olio

con vongole (with clams)


with garlic, fresh tomato and basil

with fresh tomato, basil and pine nuts

carbonara (Roman)

with pecorino romano and black pepper (cacio e pepe) (Roman)

alla gricia (Roman)

with a spicy, simple tomato sauce (Roman)

with fresh tomato, spinach and goat cheese

with fresh soppressata

all puttanesca


with onion, parsley and pancetta

with fresh sage, walnuts and butter

with fresh peas, mint and goat cheese

with garlic and lemon

with red pepper sauce

with fresh herbs

with mushrooms, tomato, pancetta

with sweet peppers

with red pepper and tomato

with red pepper, zucchini and tomato

with arugula and romas

with spinach and lemon

with zucchini

with leeks, shallots and red onion

with mussels and tomato

with smoked salmon, pancetta and eggs

with sardines, tomato and fennel (Sicilian)





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