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This is about a love affair -- a serious love affair that we can happily report is both ongoing and fulfilled. It is about the almost delirious happiness one has when sitting down to a steaming plate of perfectly done pasta. These are always moments to treasure, and our purpose at is to share those treasures, and pleasures, with you.

We also want to share with you what we have learned as we create these pleasurable moments. And we want to share with you, both directly, and indirectly, in these web pages, our philosophy and beliefs concerning the world of pasta.

Love affair it is. We know we share this special affection with millions of others, Italians at home or abroad, and Italians by birth or heritage or by decision or osmosis, or the pure result of what has to be a superior intelligence in deciding what's important.

Nigella Lawson wrote: "When good food writers die - to misquote Oscar Wilde - they go to Italy. I, however, am taking no chances with what will be coming to me in the afterlife, and so I have decided to spend as much time as possible in Italy while alive"

Nigella then describes what to us is the pure, simple truth of it all: "To cook Italian, I learned above all, one must think Italian, which means giving the fewest possible ingredients the greatest amount of respect".

We agree, and we believe also that simplicity is the golden key. The pasta must be of the best, but that's easy. The ingredients must be pure, but in these times when a little effort takes you to organic wonders readily available for most of us, that's easy.

So then what is left is the doing. We hope that these pages assist you in making the doing as easy as we think it should be, as perfect as we believe everyone can achieve, and thus as rewarding as sitting down in your favorite trattoria anywhere in Italy, and greeting with joy the steaming plate of pasta put down in front of you.

To bring that same fulfilling experience to your home, as it is to ours, is the purpose of these web pages. Explore, try and do. We are certain you will find the doing is not complex, so what is left is for you to try. And bask in the wonders you will achieve.

Like Nigella, we don't need to wait for an afterlife.

In our next edition of the editor's page, we will talk about the details of the web site, the how's and why's and how we think it can work best for you. Plus insights into the pasta adventure. Meanwhile, explore away. A click here and a click there and new worlds should open up.



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