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Pappardelle ("gulp down pasta") have always been considered a special treat for many pasta lovers. They are a fresh egg cut in wide ribbons -- one-half to one inch wide, and about six inches long.

One finds pappardelle mostly in Tuscany and in Piedmont. They meld beautifully with game and heavier meat ragus. Wild boar, hare and rabbit are most frequently the sauce of choice in Tuscany. Lamb and meat ragus are found often in the north. Wonderful fall or winter comfort treat -- hearty one-dish meals. They are worthy of a special section in the egg pasta category.


pappardelle with red wine and meat ragu

pappardelle with sugo di cinghiale (wild boar)

pappardelle with lamb ragu

pappardelle with peppers and sausage

papardelle with brussel sprouts and ham

pappardelle with porcini

papardelle with veal ragu

pappardelle with duck ragu

pappardelle with rabbit

pappardelle with bell peppers and pancetta

pappardelle alla cacciatora



pinci with lamb ragu

pinci with veal ragu



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